Rainerius of Pisa. Incunable leaf printed by Zainer, 1474.

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Decorative coloured initials added by hand.  Quality rag paper.

Notes:  This handsome leaf is from the second edition of the Pantheologia - a theological work of Dominican Raniero Giordani of Pisa (d. 1351).  It was organised alphabetically as a dictionary of important theological concepts. Written c. 1331 and influenced by the works of Thomas Aquinas, the work became popular in the fifteenth century, when six editions were published.  It is without doubt one of the longest books ever composed in the Middle Ages.It is interesting to note that: "Although the author was Italian, of the six editions printed in the 15th-century, the first five appeared in Germany, suggesting that the manuscripts quickly found their way to Nuremberg, where it is quite possible that the celebrated humanist, physician and bibliophile Hartmann Schedel had something to do with seeing the formidable tomes into print." (Notes on the bibliography of Rainerius de Pisis, Rhodes, p. 238).

Recto:  Two columns of Latin text printed in black in a roman font on high quality rag paper.  Two five-line initials, ’S’ and ‘E’,  in red added by hand after the printing.   Paragraph markers.

Verso:  As Recto, with a five-line initial ’Q’ in red.

Printer:  Gunter Zainer, Augsburg.

Date:  1474.

Title:  Rainerius de Pisis.  Pantheologia, sive Summa universae theologiae.

Content:  The red initial ‘S’ begins Rainerius’ discussion on “The cause of sin” (causa peccati). The line of text above the initial reads:  Deus non est causa peccati probatur duabo autoritatibo.  (God is not the cause of sin from the proof of two authorities).

In the fourth line, the first authority quoted is a verse from Ecclesiasticus 15:12  Ne dicas: Ille me implanavit: non enim necessarii sunt ei homines impii.  (Do not complain that it was he led thee into false paths; what need has God of wicked men?)

Condition:  This very large leaf is in excellent condition, sharply printed on high quality rag paper. Original margins all round.  Apart from some slight edge browning the leaf is faultless. It is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.

Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 405x285 mm. Printed area : approx.  280x180mm.

References:  H *13016; BMC II, 321; Bod-inc R-002; BSB-Ink R-2; IGI 8268; Goff R-6.

Item No:  PSA 120

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