September 2018 News 

William Blake 1757-1827.
Considered insane and largely disregarded by his peers, the visionary poet and engraver is now recognised among the greatest contributors to English literature and art.
We have a few more of the facsimiles of Blake's engravings for The Book of Job which proved to be so popular last time we listed some a few years ago.
They are considered to be his greatest masterpieces in the medium of engraving.  These facsimiles are héliogravures produced in 1906 using Blake's original 1825/6 engravings. 
With its subtle tonality, the héliogravure technique achieves a degree of fine detail and a rich palette of blacks and shades of grey that modern industrial printing methods - such as rotogravure, letterpress and offset - simply cannot match.
At a very reasonable $125 each, you can enjoy Blake's extraordinary visions with a 100+ year old image that is virtually indistinguishable from the 200 year old original engraving.
We'll be listing them over the next 2 weeks.

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