November 2019 News

Despite STILL not having the #%*&+! NBN connected, we're putting together a newsletter which we hope will be sent out well before Christmas.  Included will be items that are old, new, quirky and zoo...(logical).  Email us if you'd like to be included in the newsletter mail-out.

Gold, Gold for Australia, GOLD!  (Norman May, 1980).
We're currently listing a number of books related to gold discovery in Australia, particularly in Central Victoria.  They include the scarce Poppet Head Press books by James Flett, prospecting, the Eureka Stockade, the Chinese on the goldfields and histories of gold towns and cities in Central Victoria.  Prices are very fair, considerably below what the market is generally asking.
We also still have a few original 1890's unissued Miner's Rights of the Colony of Victoria.  $15 posted.


We recently sent out two newsletters that list a number of leaves from a range of manuscript Bibles and some leaves from the 1100's. Most of these leaves are available, so if you would like to receive the newsletters, simply email us and we'll get them off to you.

 Every day we receive dozens of Emails, tweets and messages from a diverse range of colleagues and institutions who send informative articles, upcoming and current exhibitions, research and just plain breath-taking and cute images.  We regularly  post a selection on our Facebook page.

We "tweet' when a new item is listed so follow us on Twitter at @litscrip.




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