Client Feedback

Dear Andrew, Thank you so much for my two beautiful purchases and for the wonderful information on them. You really do deliver a top notch product and first class service, and I look forward to future dealings with you. I will keep an eye on your website, and if you ever have anything amazing, send me an email and if I can, I will add it to my collection for my grandchildren. Best wishes,  Marilyn, Wellington NSW

Verba volant scripta manent?  Anonymous

By the way great site... Valeria, Maldon, Victoria

As you know, I am considering creating a website, I looked at yours and found it very attractive and informative. Would you please send me the contact details of your website maker?  Vicky, Castlemaine, Victoria

Hi, received my book of hours leaf. Many thanks. It's a lovely item.  I found your site easy to navigate and user friendly.  Ian, Norwood, Tasmania

Hi Andrew,  I picked up the leaf on Saturday and it is beautiful. It is another present and I am loathe to give it away! It will be appreciated though. Melinda, Melbourne, Victoria

A wonderful collection, which one to choose?!  Marika, Melbourne, Victoria

Mr Leckie,  I'm ecstatic with my purchase!  It's fantastic.  It arrived yesterday, thanks so much!  

Mark, Virginia, USA

Hi Andrew, I received the leaf this morning. Its great!

Marcus, Brussels, Belgium

The bible leaf is all I expected (may be even slightly finer quality).  John, Mitcham, Victoria.

Dear Andrew,   The leaf arrived here this afternoon safe and sound; I consider it a wonderful addition to my collection. thanks very much for your help, and I hope to do business again with you at some point in the future. I will regularly check your website for new materials.  All the best,   Rob, Well, The Netherlands.

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the lovely leaf. It has great meaning to me and is a perfect example of what I value in manuscripts. Robin, Charleston SC, USA.

Dear Andrew,  The tiny leaf arrived and is really beautiful.  Thank you very much.  Claudia, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Dear Andrew, Just wanted to let you know that the leaf arrived in good order. A nice leaf, the first English specimen in my collection. Many thanks!!!  Rob, The Netherlands

Hi Andrew, The Dürer arrived today in perfect order. Many thanks for the additional information you provided.  Regards, Bata, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Andrew,

My parcel arrived this morning, and it is perfect. Thank you for the wonderful packaging and the beautiful items. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I will certainly be a return customer.

Kind regards, Barb, Melbourne, Australia

Hi Andrew,

I'm very happy with the leaf - and so is my sister-in-law, for whom I bought it!
Thanks for the heads up about the Rare Book Fair - it does sound interesting. 
Many thanks for making this purchase such a positive experience.
Lyn, Kyabram, Australia

Hi Andrew,
The Goya arrived safely today in perfect condition. It really is as good as I expected.
Many thanks, Regards, Bata, Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much - wonderful service. Warm regards and big thanks. Chris, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Andrew, Picked up the leaf this morning.  Both sides are lovely and I am delighted to have it.  Barry, Melbourne, Australia

Hi Andrew
Just wanted to let you know the leaves arrived (already!) and wow!!! They are really really splendid!
Felicity, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Andrew,
Just to let you know that the beautiful illuminated leaf arrived safely - I was so excited. It's just exquisite, a real treasure. Thank you for all the items enclosed and your excellent service.
Kind regards
Judy, Melbourne, Australia

Very pleased with my purchases.  John, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Andrew, I had been waiting with bated breath! It is beautiful- so sparkling and delicate!
Thanks so much, Martin, Wahroonga NSW

Hi Andrew,
The package has arrived rather quicker than expected - many thanks for all your help with it. 
Luke, London, UK

Hi Andrew
The leaf arrived late yesterday.  Thanks for the superb packaging, so nice to unwrap rather than in a tube, as with other works on paper I have received from elsewhere.

I look forward to future purchases from your stock.  The special offers are a good incentive.

Kind Regards,  Norman, Darlinghurst, NSW

Hi Andrew,

They arrived safely -- thank you so much!
Kind regards,
Mia, Melbourne.

Hi Andrew, 
I just wanted to write to let you know that the leaf arrived safe and sound.
I and my three siblings bought it for our mum to congratulate her on finishing and publishing her second novel, Book of Colours. 
The novel centres around a character who creates illuminated prayer books, so the gift was very fitting. We gave it to her at her book launch and she was completely blown away. So many thanks to you! 
If you’re interested, her name is Robyn Cadwallader and her book is Book of Colours and it’s available at most book shops. 
Demelza, Adelaide

The pages we purchased were even better in real life than on your site and we can't wait to get them all framed and hung where we can see and enjoy them.  
Howard, Melbourne.

Dear Andrew,
The wonderful antiphonal leaf has arrived safely and in perfect condition: it is giving me much pleasure. Thanks so much.
It would be great to get to the Rare Book Fair next year if at all possible. It was so unexpected and exciting to come into Wilson Hall and suddenly see all those wonderful pages. 
Very best wishes to you and Littera Scripta,
Alison, New Zealand

Hi Andrew, the leaf arrived safely and it is very beautiful, I am happy with it! Thank you 
Best regards, Matthew, Mississippi, USA 

Hi Andrew, the leaves have arrived safely and they are very beautiful.  Peter, Hobart, Tasmania.

Many thanks for the latest manuscript that we purchased.  As always it was even more beautiful in hand than it appeared on the web site, in spite of the very high quality of your photos.  Howard, Melbourne.
Hi there Andrew, I just wanted to let you know that the beautiful pair of Paulian leaves you sent have arrived safely, and are more brilliant than I could have ever imagined. The wonder they give me being so incredibly well-preserved after all these centuries has me absolutely giddy. I cannot thank you enough for everything throughout this process: for your service, your generosity, and your care in packing the leaves so immaculately. I have been gushing to anybody that will listen about these incredible pieces of history, and will likewise do so for your exceptional service. Believe me when I say this will not likely be the last time I purchase from you! With gratitude, Joseph, South Carolina

Hi Andrew, I just received the Aeneid leaf and it is beautiful! In addition, your bibliographic work in describing the leaf is quite impressive. It is not only a testament to how knowledgeable you are, but, how hard you must work. Thank you again, Terry, Pennsylvania.

Hi, Andrew: a couple of hours after writing to you, the leaf arrived safely. It's beautiful; thank you very much! Best wishes Rubén, Madrid.

Andrew,  Just want to thank you. The package came much faster than we expected and my parents absolutely loved it. Look forward to future purchases from you.  Greg, Newcastle, Australia

Bible leaf is received safe and sound. Beautiful! 
Thanks so much,
Brent, Baton Rouge. 

The folios arrived this afternoon in good shape. They're soooo nice to look at.
Thanks, Ted, Missouri.

All arrived safely Andrew. Both very nice pieces, and went straight to the framers.  Richard, Eden.

Andrew.  "The Little Office of the B.V.M. arrived in good order and am extremely happy with condition.  Now off to the conservator for framing! Philip, Melbourne.

Hello, Andrew.  The document arrived yesterday.  It is terrific.  Our son is an expert on 13th century glosses.  I think he will love this printed example of medieval document with gloss. Thank you very much for your service.  Denis, Ontario.

Hi Andrew, Just wanted to let you know this arrived safely today.  Very happy indeed with it.  Beautifully presented.   My compliments to you. Thank you! Best, Dave, Indiana

Dear Andrew,
The leaves have arrived at their destination and the Professor wants to thank you for the care you took in packing the parcel. Now our students will be doing their examinations by analysing these leaves in person. We look forward to purchasing more leaves from you in the near future. Congratulations on your professionalism!
Best wishes
Noemi, Switzerland.

Hello Andrew, The leaves arrived today and are absolutely beautiful! I have to admit that they are the first two I've had the pleasure to aquire and expect to enjoy quite a bit of time looking them over.Yes please sign me up for your news letter. Regards Christopher , Quebec, Canada.

Andrew:  The manuscript arrived today.  It's a lovely leaf and I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks!  James. Kansas City.

Hi Andrew,
The package arrived to day in perfect order. 
Thank you very much. Regards Adam. New Zealnd.

The three leaves you sent arrived today.  They spent a week or two at the airport in Melbourne and 10 days at a warehouse in LA.    The leaves are now relaxing in my office.  We are very pleased with them.  Thank you for taking such care to ship them safely.
Best wishes,
Dan, Indiana.

Hi Andrew
The leaves have arrived and I am very happy with them! Thank you so much!
Amanda, Idaho.

Hi Andrew, my leaf has arrived safely in Brisbane. It's lovely! 
Thank you.
Best regards, 

Dear Andrew,
The leaves arrived today and really, both are superb in their own right, and superbly packaged.    Great condition.  Delighted.  Thank you.
Norman, Sydney.

Just got the package. It's absolutely brilliant thank you.  And thanks for the quick delivery
Ben  UK.

Hi Andrew,
My leaf arrived safely today Thank you. I love it, it’s beautiful!
Sue  New South Wales

Andrew it has arrived!!!!!!! Only 5 days!
And my goodness it is beautiful, I am absolutely delighted not only with this perfect piece of real history but also with your excellent customer service!
Andrew thank you very much, I have been a bibliophile for 40 years ... today is a real high point!
Paul, Northumberland.

Hi Andrew - the leaf arrived in great shape, what a beautiful piece!
I'll be keeping an eye on your other manuscripts :)
Peter.  New Mexico. 

Hello Andrew, The missal leaf arrived today in great shape! Thank you for the lovely write up you included too.  Best wishes,  Joe, Florida.

Hello Andrew, It arrived yesterday with excellent packing materials.  Thanks!  Marion, Brisbane

Hello Andrew,  The leaves arrived last evening. Thanks for the professional packaging! I am looking forward to do business with you again soon.  Regards, Stephan, Netherlands.

Hello,  The Illuminated Manuscript has arrived!  It looks very beautiful indeed. Thank You Andrew :  Best Regards,  Shawn, Ohio.

Hi Andrew, it has arrived today and it's beautiful, I love it!  In the process of building a library and then I will get them all framed. I will send you a photo when it eventually happens. Thankyou again.  Sue. New south Wales.

Dear Andrew:  The manuscript leaves just arrived! Not quite sure why the U.S. Post Office is delivering at 7pm on a Saturday, but I'm very grateful to them. The leaves are great, thanks again!  Mary, Ohio.





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