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After 30 years running a specialist antique print & map gallery, we have recently sold the business. Time expands to fill a vacuum, and we are now free to pursue our passion for medieval and renaissance history, as manifested in the books and hence the individual leaves of the time.

This website is a result of that passion. We find the leaves utterly involving, each with its layers of meaning and beauty. The content, the script or type, the illuminations, the feel of the vellum or paper, the artistry and scholarship - all these and other factors are evident in these fragile leaves that have survived many centuries.

Sacred to secular, theism to humanism, manuscript to mechanical printing; the evolvement of medieval society to the flowering of the Renaissance is one of the most fascinating periods in history. The revolutionary changes wrought to European philosophy, society and technology were profound and reverberate to this day.

Low overheads allow us to bring the items to you at a price that is, at the very least, highly competitive on the international market.

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