The Prophecy of Ezekiel. Decorated m/s Breviary leaf, c.1460

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“and behold a whirlwind came out of the north: and a great cloud, and a fire infolding it…”


Verso:  Text in Latin written in two columns in two sizes of an assured gothic bookhand in brown ink on vellum.  Rubrics in red. Three two-line decorated initials alternating in blue with extensive internal and external red penwork and red with the palest sepia penwork. 


Recto:  As Verso with a further three two-line decorated initials.


Origin:  Northern Italy.


Date:  c. 1460


Content:  The text is from the Prophecy of Ezekiel, beginning on Recto with chapter 1:1 and continuing on Verso.  A passage on Recto reads:  Et vidi et ecce ventus turbinis veniebat ab aquilone et nubes magna et ignis involvens et splendor in circuitu eius et de medio eius quasi species electri id est de medio ignis.  

(And I saw, and behold a whirlwind came out of the north: and a great cloud, and a fire infolding it, and brightness was about it: and out of the midst thereof, that is, out of the midst of the fire, as it were the resemblance of amber                                                                          


Condition:  The leaf is in excellent condition.  Apart from the expected edge browning, the vellum is clean and the text and decorations clear and bright.  The leaf is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 150x120 mm. Text and illuminated area : approx.  95x80 mm.  Archivally mounted, ready for framing.  


Notes:  A breviary, etymologically a compendium or abridgement, is the liturgical work which contains the psalms and the hymns, the readings from Sacred Scripture and from the writings of the Fathers, the prayers and the responses, which are combined to form the canonical hours of the divine office of prayer recited daily throughout the world by priests and the religious.

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