Large Gregorian chant leaf, Flanders, c. 1500


Beautiful initial with intricate filigree penwork



Recto: Four lines of music written on parchment in square & diamond-shaped neumes on red-ruled five-line staves with a key signature. Rubrics in red and capital initials touched in yellow.  The accompanying text is written in Latin in a gothic script.  Illuminations consist of a numbered heading in red and blue - 366 - and a spectacular initial ‘A’ in blue with intricate interior and exterior red penwork (called “puzzle style”) extending well into the margins.  The illuminator’s work is particularly assured, even whimsical.  


Recto:  As Verso but with five lines of music and text and further rubrics.


Source: Flanders/Northern France.


Date: c. 1500


Content:  The text on Recto is a section of Psalm 146 (KJV 147): [Qui sanat contritos corde et al] igat contriciones eorum.  (Who healeth the broken of heart and bindeth up their bruises).  The rubrics that follow indicate the next section is for the 25th Sunday before Advent.


Condition:  The Recto of this leaf is in very good condition.  There is light soiling in the right margin from page-turning and a very small hole in the last neume due to oxidation of the ink.  There is considerable ink loss on Verso, but the text is legible.  The illuminated intial ‘A’ is in near-perfect condition - bright and unfaded.  The leaf is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 550x385mm. Text and music area : approx.  530x330 mm. Please note that packing/post will be invoiced separately.  Within Australia: $50.  Overseas: ask for qyote.


Item No:  MMU 009

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