Four hand illuminated Miniatures of Saints. c. 1520


Printed Book of Hours, c. 1520


                    Saints Anthony, Anne, Katherine & Mary Magdalene.  

                                Metal cuts on vellum with hand illumination


Recto:  Text printed on vellum in a roman fontFive illuminated initials and a full length illuminated panel of acanthus leaves, a flower, leaves and a strawberry (a symbol of Christ’s blood) added by hand after the text was printed.  Two very fine metal cuts after designs by the Workshop of Jean Pichore, of Saint Anthony and Saint Anne with her daughter, the Virgin Mary, with finely detailed hand illumination.  Use of Rome.


Verso:  As Recto, with two further hand illuminated metal cuts of Saints Katherine and Mary Magdalene.


Printer:  Gilles Hardouin, whose workshop was in Paris near Notre Dame.


Date:  c. 1520.


Content:  The leaf contains antiphons to Saints Anthony and Katherine and prayers to Saints Anne and Mary Magdalene.  The prayer to St. Anne begins:  Celeste beneficium introivit in Annam, per quam nobis nata est Maria virgo. Oro pro nobis beata anna. (A divine favour entered into Anne through whom the Virgin Mary was born to us.  Pray for us, blessed Anne.


Condition:  This leaf is in excellent condition, expertly printed on vellum and finished with high quality hand illumination.  The edges of the margins are discoloured from a previous mounting, but within the window of the mat, the image is excellent, with bright, unfaded colours and shining liquid gold detailing.   A couple of tiny marks in the background of the miniature of S. Katherine. The leaf is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 180x110 mm. Printed area : approx.  130x75 mm. Presented in a  double-opening museum quality mat, ready to frame.  Packing/postage within Australia: $25.  Overseas, ask for quote.


Notes:  This leaf is from the fascinating transitional period when production of Books of Hours moved from manuscript to printing by letterpress.  The earliest printers were trained in the manuscript tradition and incorporated the convention of leaving spaces for illuminated initials and decorations by hand.  Rather than being printed on paper, Books of Hours from this period were printed on the more traditional and prestigious vellum.

Item No:  PSA 056

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