"The Golden Chain" of St. Thomas Aquinas. 1475 leaf, Zainer


Early glossed incunable leaf, 1475, Zainer

 Aquinas’ commentary on the Four Apostles


Verso: Text in Latin printed on laid rag paper in two columns of 62 lines in three sizes of a modified Gothic font. Heading “MATHEUS” with red pen flourishes.  One four-line initial ’C’ in blue, paragraph markers and versal initials in red added by hand after the printing. 


Recto:   As Verso, with the page heading CAPIT VII (Chapter 7)


Title:    Catena aurea super quattuor evangelistas.  (The Golden Chain - Commentary on the four gospels),


Printer:   Günther Zainer, Augsburg, 1475


Content:  The paragraph in the larger type beginning with the blue initial ‘C’ is the beginning of Matthew, chapter 8 - Cum autem descendisset de monte - (And when he was come down from the mountain) in which the apostle describes Jesus curing a leper. 

Surrounding this passage in the smaller font is Aquinas’ gloss, beginning with commentary by St. Jerome (in the text Hiero9): Post predicationem atque doctrinam signorum offertur occasio ut per miracl’a..…(After the preaching and teaching is offered an occasion of working miracles, that by mighty works following, the preceding doctrine might be confirmed.)


Notes:   The Catena Aurea is a remarkable anthology of the thoughts of the Church Fathers on the four Gospels.  Aquinas was commissioned to write the Catena Aurea by Pope Urban IV, in order that an orthodox Patristic commentary on the Gospels was readily available to all readers.  Aquinas' Gospel of Matthew features the teachings of St. Augustine, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Ambrose, The Venerable St. Bede, and other Church Fathers from both the West and the East.. Chapter by chapter, Aquinas draws together the biblical reflections of these great historical figures to create a continuous commentary - a “Golden Chain” - of interpretation of the Book of Matthew.


Condition:  The leaf is in excellent condition, crisply printed on high quality paper with full margins and clear of blemishes.  The hand added colouring remains bright.  There are three tiny wormholes in the text body and one in the bottom margin.  It is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.

Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 390x270 mm.  Please note that postage is invoiced separately. Australia $25, overseas: ask for quote.


Item No:  PSA128

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