Glossed Incunable Bible leaf,1498. Book of Genesis.


  “And God created man to his own image…male and female he created them”


Recto:  Central column of text from Genesis in Latin with interlinear commentary, surrounded by the gloss (commentaries) by Nicolas de Lyra in two columns.  Heading, text, and commentaries in four sizes of a black letter Gothic Antiqua typeface. Some later underlinings and marginal notes. A manicule in the bottom margin.


Verso:  As Recto.


Printer: Johann Froben,  Basel.


Title:  Biblia latina cum glossa ordinaria Walafridi Strabonis aliorumque et interlineari Anselmi Laudunensis et cum postillis ac moralitatibus Nicolai de Lyra.


Date:  December 1, 1498


Content:  The leaf is from the Book of Genesis, Chapter 1.  The text begins part way through Verse 26: …nostram et praesit piscibus maris et volatilibus caeli et bestiis universaeque terrae omnique reptili quod movetur in terra. Et creavit Deus hominem ad imaginem suam ad imaginem Dei creavit illum masculum et feminam creavit eos.

(…and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth.  And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them).


Condition:  This leaf is in very good condition, sharply printed on quality laid rag paper with original margins largely intact.   One wormhole.  It is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 295x210 mm. Printed area : approx.  250x175mm. Please note that packing/postage will be invoiced separately.  Within Australia: $22.50. Overseas: ask for quote.


References:  Goff B609. BMC III 791. British Library ISTC No.ib00609000

Item No:  PSA 098

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