Woodcut of St. Jerome & the Lion. 1519 Bible leaf.


Printed Bible leaf, 1519


Recto:  Text printed in a gothic typeface in two columns on laid paper with one 9-line woodcut initial and a column-width woodcut of Saint Jerome and the lion who became his faithful companion after he removed a thorn from its paw.  Marginal notes and references.


Verso:  As Recto with a two woodcut initials and a woodcut of the Prophet Osee. (Hosea).


Origin:  Venice, Italy.  Printed by Lucantonio Giunta.  A reprint of the 1511 edition.


Date: 1519.


Content:  The text on Recto is the end of the Book of Daniel and the beginning of the rologue for the Book of the Twelve Prophets.  The woodcut initial ’N’ begins Jerome’s prologue: 

Non idem ordo est duodecim prophetarum apud hebreos qui est apud nos. 

(The order of the Twelve Prophets is not the same among the Hebrews as it is among us.)

Jerome continues:  “For which reason, according to how it is read there, they are also arranged here. Hosea is composed of short clauses and speaking as though by aphorisms. Joel is clear in the beginning, more obscure at the end. And they each have their individual properties up to Malachi, who the Hebrews name Ezra the scribe and teacher of the Law.”


Condition:  The leaf is in very good/excellent condition, with full margins and sharply printed text and woodcuts.  The edges are lightly browned and there is a light stain in the bottom margin, but it is masked off by the mat.   It is unconditionally guaranteed genuine. 


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 155x105 mm.  Presented in a museum quality mat, ready for framing.  Please note that postage is invoiced separately.  Australia $22.50. Overseas, ask for quote.


Item No:  PSA`110

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