Miniature of The Nativity. 1511 woodcut.


Printed Book of Hours leaf, 1511


Verso:  A finely detailed, full page woodcut with elaborate borders including putti, of The Nativity.  Mary and Joseph kneel in prayer in the humble stable with the ox and the ass behind them.  The naked Child lies at their feet and a number of townsfolk peer through an opening in the stable.


Recto:  As Verso with text in Latin and a number of other small engravings including an angel. 


Origin:  Paris, France.  Printed by Gilles & Germain Hardouyn.  Use of Rome.


Date: 1511


Condition:  The leaf is in very good condition, clean and with full margins.  It is unconditionally guaranteed genuine. 


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 175x110 mm. Size of miniature: approx. 160x100 mm.  Please note that postage is invoiced separately.  Australia $20.  Overseas: ask for quote


Notes:  The popularity of the "Medieval bestseller" - the Book of Hours -  did not wane after the invention of print; in fact, the advent of movable type made Books of Hours more affordable and widely available than ever.  Germain Hardouyn was a printer active in Paris from 1500 to 1541, who worked in tandem with his brother Gilles Hardouyn. The Hardouyns’ workshop dominated the market of printed Books of Hours.  Together or separately, the two brothers furnished the Paris market and the provinces with a large number of impressions of printed Books of Hours, producing at least two or three editions per year.

Item No:  PSA105

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