Hours leaf, 1531 intricate iron engravings


Verso:  Text in Latin printed on laid paper in a gothic script.  Two two-line illuminated initials ‘D’ added by hand after printing together with coloured paragraph markers alternating in red and blue. Surrounding the text are intricate iron engravings of deer hunting scenes.  Hunters with spears and dogs pursue deer through forests until the coup de grâce is administered in the bottom engraving.  One hunter blows a horn, and amongst the flowers in the engraving on the right is a fool blowing a horn and a hybrid “grotesque”.


Recto:  As Verso with other iron engravings including a grotesque riding a monkey, a cherub riding a grotesque and a two-headed grotesque dragon chasing three cherubs. 


Origin:  Paris, France.  Printed by Yolande Bonhomme/Kerver.


Date: 1531


Content:  The leaf includes prayers and antiphons to a number of female saints.  The start of Verso is an antiphon to Saint Susanne: Veni sponsa Christi, accipe coronam quam tibi Dominus praeparavit in aeternum pro cujus amore sanguinem tuum fudisti. (Come, bride of Christ, receive the crown

which the Lord has prepared for you for all eternity; for whose love you have shed your blood).


Condition:  This leaf is in very good/excellent condition with sharp printing of both the text and engravings.   

The leaf is unconditionally guaranteed genuine. 


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 165x110 mm.  Please note that packing/postage is invoiced separately.  Within Australia $22.50.  Overseas: ask for quote. 


Notes:  Yolande Bonhomme (ca. 1490–1557) was the daughter of Pasquier Bonhomme, a printer and one of four appointed booksellers of the University of Paris. In her father’s shop she undertook various responsibilities associated with printing. She married Thielmann Kerver, a highly successful printer, and when he died in 1522 she assumed control of his printing shop "à la licorne" (at the sign of the unicorn) on the Rue St. Jacques in Paris. Following her husband, Yolande specialised in illustrated Books of Hours, and in 1526 she became the first woman to print an edition of the Bible.

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