Printed vellum Missal leaf, c.1525



Hand coloured historiated woodcut initial of the Virgin Mary



Verso:  Text in Latin printed in two columns in red and black on high quality vellum.  One four-line  woodcut initial ‘S’, coloured by hand, enclosing an image of the Virgin Mary enthroned. The dark haired Mary is depicted wearing a purple robe with delicate shading and holding a golden object, possibly an orb.  A “grotesque” face in gold forms part of the initial ‘S’.  See images below


Recto:  As Verso, text only.  See image below


Source:  Probably Italy


Date:   Early part of the 16th century, c. 1525


Printer:  Unknown


Content:  The historiated initial begins the Introit (Introitus) of the Mass which is a fragment of a psalm (in this case Psalm 44 - KJV 45) with its antiphon, sung while the celebrant and ministers enter the church and approach the altar.  It reads: Salve sancta parens enixa puerpera regem: qui caelum terramque regit in saecula saeculorum. Eructavit coe meum verbum bonum: dico ego opera mea regi. (Hail Holy Mother thou who didst bring forth the King who rules heaven and earth for ever and ever. My heart hath uttered a good word: I speak my works to the King).


Condition:  This leaf is in excellent condition, with sharp printing on near spotless vellum.  The illuminated initial is in perfect condition.  The leaf is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 365x245 mm. Text and illuminated area : approx.  290x180 mm.  Mat size: approx. 490x360 mm.  Presented in a museum quality mat, ready to frame.  Certificate of Authenticity. Contact us for further images of this leaf.

Packing & registered, insured post within Australia: $22.50.  Overseas destinations: ask for quote.


Notes: This leaf is from the intriguing transitional period when books began to be printed from movable type.  To mimic the appearance of manuscript works, they were often printed on vellum and decorated with metal or woodcut illustrations.

 A Missal in the Roman Catholic Church is the book containing the prayers said by the priest at the altar as well as all that is officially read or sung in celebrating the Mass over the course of the ecclesiastical year.

Item No:  PSA 045

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