Large Lectern Bible leaf, c. 1250, fine condition


Large Lectern Bible leaf, c. 1250, France, in particularly fine condition.


Verso:  Text written in black ink on red-ruled fine vellum in Latin in a precise gothic bookhand in two columns of 41 lines. Two 2-line illuminated initials - ‘A’ in red with blue penwork and ’S’ in blue with red penwork, both with decorative extensions running the length of the text and into the top and bottom margins.    Chapter numbers and titles in alternating red and blue initials.


Recto:   As Verso, text only.


Origin: France, probably Paris.


Date:  c. 1250


Content:  The leaf contains all of Chapter 13 of 2 Maccabees, with sections of Chapters 12 and 14. The illuminated initial ‘A’ begins Chapter 13:  Anno centesimo quadragesimo nono cognovit Iudas Antiochum Eupatoris venire cum multitudine adversus Iudaeam. Et cum eo Lysiam procuratorem et praepositum negotiorum secum habentem peditum centum decem milia et equitum quinque milia et elefantos viginti duo currus cum falcibus trecentos. Commiscuit autem se illis et Menelaus et cum multa fallacia deprecabatur Antiochum non pro patriae salute sed sperans se constitui in principatum.  (In the year one hundred and forty-nine, Judas understood that Antiochus Eupator was coming with a multitude against Judea, And with him Lysias, the regent, who had charge over the affairs of the realm, having with him a hundred and ten thousand footmen, five thousand horsemen, twenty-two elephants, and three hundred chariots. Menelaus also joined himself with them: and with great deceitfulness besought Antiochus, not for the welfare of his country, but in hopes that he should be appointed chief ruler).


Condition:  This leaf is in fine condition. The vellum is virtually unblemished and the illuminations remain bright and unfaded.  The leaf is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.


Notes:  Lectern Bibles were not only used in church for the liturgy of the mass but also by communities of monks who listened to readings aloud during the Night Office of Matins, the Chapter meetings held each morning and at mealtimes in the refectory.


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 300x210 mm.  Text and illuminated area : approx. 290x135mm.Presented in a museum quality mat & backing, ready to frame.  Please note that packing & insured post will be invoiced separately:  within Australia: $25.  Overseas: ask for quote.


Item No:  MBI 024

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