Book of Hours Calendar leaf for December


Beautifully scribed leaf from a French manuscript Book of Hours with text written in gold, blue, red, brown and black inks.



Recto:  Text written in French on fine vellum in blue, red, black, brown and gold ink in a gothic script.  At top left is a two-line illuminated panel containing the abbreviation “KL” (for the Latin Kalends) in burnished gold with detailing in red, blue, black and white.  Beside the panel is written the month - Decembre  (December). 


Verso:  As Recto.


Source:   Northern France


Date:   c.1490


Content:  Among the saints listed for December on Recto are Eloy, Barle, Nicolas, Andrieu and Luce. Major feast days are written in gold. For example, Nicolas and La nostre dame (Our Lady). Other feast days listed on Verso include Saints Ladre, Thomas, Victor and Silvester  Also noted is “Le jour de noel” (the day of Christmas).


To the left of the Saints’ days is a column of  a repeating series of letters - kl, id & n.  These stand for 3 fixed points in the month, Kalends (1st day), Ides (middle) and Nones ( 9th day before Ides).  All days in between were counted backwards from these points.  

Further left is a repeating series of letters, a - g, called Dominical Letters, to help find Sundays (after many calculations).  At the far left is an odd column of Roman numerals i - xix called Golden Numbers to indicate the appearances of new moons, and, counting ahead 14 days, full moons. 


Condition:  This leaf is in very good/excellent condition.  The text and illuminations on Recto remain bright and lustrous. There is some minor loss of gold ink on Verso but the text remains legible. The leaf is unconditionally guaranteed genuine.


Size:  Size of leaf: approx. 165x115 mm. Text & illuminated area: approx. 105x60 mm.  Please note that packing/postage is invoiced separately.  Within Australia: $22.50.  Overseas: ask for quote.


Item No:  MBH071

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